HelioClim-3 Real Time and Forecast   + METEO DATA

Last update: Sep. 2017

This HC3 real time and forecast web service provides time series of all radiation components over a horizontal, fix-tilted and normal plane for the actual weather conditions and for clear-sky conditions. The geographical coverage corresponds to the Meteosat field of view, i.e. covers Europe, Africa, Atlantic Ocean, Middle East. Data are available with a time step ranging from 1 min to 1 day. It addresses two different services:

  Current day "d"

HC3v5 is updated in real time, and time series are completed until the end of the day using a "persistence model". At least one slot after sunrise must be available to trigger the computation.

  Next day "d+1"

HC3v5 "Similarity model" has been developed to predict irradiance for the next day based on a statistical study of the long term HelioClim-3 irradiation database. This algorithm searches in the past for the most similar days to the current day of interest and uses their following days to produce a forecast. We recommend to use this service at the end of the current day to increase the performance.


Retrieve HC3 time series together with Meteo Data in a single CSV file. Source of the Meteo Data: GFS (NCEP) only is available for day "d" and day "d+1". Just set to "True" the "Add meteo data" input parameter.


HC3 spatial resolution and coverage

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